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Barong dance
Barong is one of the most famous dance. Which tells the struggle between god and evil. The core story is taken from the barong dance puppet story of indian largest hindu mahabaratha. For more details please a time to yourself to watch this dance if a holiday to bali.

Celuk village
Celuk village is known as the village which offers gold and silver handicrafts. As a tourist village, celuk daily visited by tourist who are curious about the making of gold and silver bu artisans and artist. Quality gold and silver craft celuk high quality. Produce in this village such as rings, btacelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, bross and various other types of jewelry.

Wood carving
Mas village is a village og art with a focus on tje art plof wood carving. Mas village is locatee in ubud sub district and gianyar regency, east part of bali. It jaa tje typical style of wood carving art by promoting synergy that distinguishes humanian and naturalism. Populariti as an art village is famous village in national and world level.

Tohpati widely as the center of handmade balinese batik with various colors and shapes. Here visitors will exhibited the batik and hand weaving process. Finally you can buy some batik of bali to take home as souvenirs. Specialization bali batik can be seen from the strong javanese motifs and some modems that implement paintinh object, such as balinise culture, ceremonies, b beautiful sites, or mytological figures. Batik is one of the most beautiful art that is used and approach to the other side of bali,s cultural diversity.

Batuan tample
Batuan temple is a local balinese hindu temple made by local residents of rural rock. The temple is designed very beautifuk with full of balinese ornaments and the roof temple building is madebof black palm tree fibers. It is stategicallu located beside the main road from denpasar to ubud. Batuan tample wasvfoundedbin 944 isaka ( 1020 AD)

You connoisseurs paintings of high artistic merit? Just come to the village of batuan wich is the cebyer of art in bali, this village successfully develoved a distinctive stylevof his painting, batuan style. Starting from 1930 that managed to create a black and white painting with strong magicak image, the location is close to celuk village, in gianyar bali.

Goa gajah tample
Goa gajah is built on the edge of a cliff, the metting between a small river where tje water then flows into river petanu. Reliefs carved on the front wall of goa gajah sculpture that resembles abmountainous landscape with variety of trees and animals indicated that hermitage in the mountains with forest ebat with variett of animals, this is the same as in the hermitage kanjarakunja in south india.

Remarks :

  • Tour Duration is 8-10 hours
  • Tour will assist by English speaking driver
  • Tour is private tour, only you and your companion in the car
  • Tour Itinerary is flexible, you can change it based on your request
  • Replacing the tour destination is allowed on the condition that the approval of our drivers
  • Additional costs will we incur if you add a tour destination outside the agreement that led to the addition of time

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