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Water Sport

Tanjung Benoa is a tourist spot in Bali which is famous for its beaches. This place is also a means of water rides such as banana boats, scuba diving, surfing, etc. In addition, there is a cruise to Turtle Island where a turtle, snake, Bali starling live, and so on. Tanjung Benoa Beach is one of the most well-known beaches on the island of Bali, with its beautiful beaches and diverse water attractions that have made Tanjung Benoa beach known as a center for water sports (watersports) and become one of the tourist destinations. Various activities can be done on this beach such as relaxing with friends or family, sunbathing, walking along the beach, swimming and others. Tanjung Benoa Beach has very calm water, in contrast to Kuta, Sanur or Uluwatu which have big waves, making this Tanjung Benoa Beach area the only place for fun water sports games. This water sport activity usually starts in the morning around 8 to 12 o’clock, after 12 noon the water will recede and the boat can no longer be used for games or vice versa in the morning the sea water recedes and in the afternoon the tide is high. activities carried out in the afternoon until the afternoon. Tanjung Benoa Beach is one of the beaches that has white sand and relatively calm waves making this beach very suitable for vacation destinations with family. Like other beaches, Tanjung Benoa Beach will also give you tourist attractions that have their own uniqueness and beauty.

Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is a beautiful beach located below a high cliff. unspoiled blue sea, make this beach to be one of the best in the region Ungasan. because many tourists who visit here, the beach melasti began repaired road to more easily reach the beach. High cliffs cleaved used as a road with many bends. from top, the road looks beautiful with limestone cliffs.

Padang – Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach is one of Bali’s most famous surf spots. Locally known as Pantai Labuan Sait, this beach on the north-western coast of the island’s Bukit Peninsula has an exotic setting – a stunning 100 metre-long stretch of sand that’s accessible down a flight of stairs and through a unique hollow rock entrance. The surf has a steady set of barrels during good weather, attracting wave riders from around the world.

Padang Padang Beach lies between Bingin and Uluwatu, forming a part of the group of world-class surf spots that line the coast of Bali’s southern peninsula. It’s part of a line of beaches that surfers usually hop around interchangeably for a different set of challenges and another thrill for the day. This beach is also a regular spot for international surfing events, such as the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang.

Uluwatu Temple

uluwatu temple is Bali Interest Place located in Pecatu Village, Kuta Sub-district, Badung District, Bali. The temple is 30 kilometers to the south of Denpasar. The temple, also called Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, is one of the six Sad Kahyangan Temples, the main spiritual pillars in Bali Island. this temple is the most popular tourist attraction on the island of Bali, where many guests come to enjoy the beautiful sunset view against the backdrop of the sacred temple and the ocean. Unmatched natural beauty deserves a very popular tourist attraction, if you really like the view of the sunset, then this tourist attraction is perfect for you. At Uluwatu Temple you can see the sunset with the expanse of the ocean from the Indian Ocean. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of this phenomenal work of nature.

Kecak Dance

Kecak dance is a Balinese traditional art of dance-drama that narrates the story of Ramayana epic. Many male dancers perform this dance drama art form. It highlights the art of movement and the art of sound (chants) without any instrumental music. It is what distinguishes this dance from other Balinese dances and attracts tourists to come to Bali over and over again. The sound of ornaments on the dancer’s feet exclusively generates the music for this dramatic dance.

Seafood Dinner

Jimbaran seafood Dine is a place where people enjoy a sensation of eating grilled seafood on the beachside of Jimbaran. This place is called as “jimbaran seafood” because all the seafood here the catch of local fisherman. It is these fisherman who support and supply all seafood needs from the restaurant business along the Jimbaran coast. Jimbaran is the name of place in Bali which is located in a bay called Jimbaran Bay, precisely in the village of Kedonganan. Whereas Kedonganan itself is the name of fishing village where their livelihood is said to be fishing around the Jimbaran Bay.


  • Change of clothes / Dry Cloth
    Rubber slippers, water-sport shoes or sneakers
    Sun screen
  • Cash for the payment or a valid payment voucher
    Cash for optional extras (photos, t-shirts etc.)

Remarks :

  • Tour Duration is 8-10 hours
  • Tour will assist by English speaking driver
  • Tour is private tour, only you and your companion in the car
  • Tour Itinerary is flexible, you can change it based on your request
  • Replacing the tour destination is allowed on the condition that the approval of our drivers
  • Additional costs will we incur if you add a tour destination outside the agreement that led to the addition of time

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