Elephant Bathe & Breakfast + Ubud & Mount Batur Sightseeing

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Splash & dunk with the elephants in their bathing lake + enjoy scrumptious breakfast

Enjoy an incredible & rare experience with the Elephants as they take you to their most favourite ritual of the day. Ride bareback atop the elephants as they romp and play, splash and dunk in their bathing lake. Afterwards, sit back and enjoy gourmet breakfast in the Park Restaurant overlooking the lake as the elephants soak up and dry off in the dazzling morning sunshine.

Ride the elephants through lush Ubud jungle + watch their performance at the Park Arena

Witness the displays of amazing elephant intelligence and capabilities at the Park Arena. After that, embark on a scenic stroll atop an elephant through the Park’s botanical garden and cool jungle of Taro.

Feed, caress and take photos with the elephants

Hand-feed and take photos with the Elephants before heading to the Park’s information centre and museum where you can learn more facts about these gentle giants.

Savor lunch and relish the panorama of Mount Batur at Kintamani town

Kintamani enjoys the coolest temperature level in Bali to the opposite of the sweltering heat in southern main tourist areas. This popular destination is the most ideal spot for Mount Batur sightseeing where you’ll be able to witness the liquid magma and perceive the serenity of Lake Batur afar. The stunning surroundings will surely increase your appetite for lunch as restaurants here are all about offering direct view to the mountain.

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