Blue Lagoon Snorkeling with Waterfall & Bangli Traditional Tour

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Snorkeling at Tanjung Jepun & Blue Lagoon Bay in Padangbai

Known for its calm water, these two are the most ideal spots for beginner and seasoned swimmers where you could practice without being afraid of large waves. The snorkeling area has a sandy bottom and is home to Bali’s colorful coral reefs, providing shelter to diverse specimens of nudibranchs and reef fish. Take pictures by spreading breadcrumbs and the fish will gather around you.

Observe the daily routine of the Kusamba Salt Makers

Widely known among healthy lifestyle communities, the salt makers in Kusamba are mostly individuals running small-scale industries. The local communities have a few plots of evaporation pond which serves as dehydration area to extract the salt from the sea water in a traditional manner. You will be observing the harvesting process and have the chance to bring a pouch of salt back home.

Walk around the supranatural Kehen Temple and embrace its tranquil atmosphere

Compared to the higher profile temples in other regions, Kehen Temple is hardly on the tourist radar, so you can absorb the atmosphere, the elaborate architecture and the natural surroundings without being jostled by the crowds. Take a time to wander around the gigantic tree and take pictures at the majestic entrance gate.

Explore the jungle and feel the charm of Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Relative to many popular waterfalls scattered across Bali, Tukad Cepung seems to be the most virgin and it’s self-evidently magnificent. The body of water is guarded by little canon that takes concerning ten minutes of walking down a series of stairs followed by walking through streams of water. The area makes for great photography, particularly when the sun ray seeps in mystically.

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