Ayung White Water Rafting & Ubud Highlight

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Experience the thrill of rolling waves of Ayung White Water Rafting

Grab your oars and get ready to rage with this exhilarating rafting adventure on the spectacular Ayung River. The rapids are set to a backdrop of wild unspoiled rainforest, towering gorges and magnificent rice paddy terraces. With our state-of-the-art equipment and insurance, your safety is fully ensured. Afterwards, savor the buffet lunch to fill up your energy before heading up to the next destinations.

Interact with macaques at Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest

Built in the middle of 14th century, this renowned monkey habitat and conservation center is often highlighted as a mandatory visit for every traveler. Located precisely in the busiest part of Ubud, it serves as a demonstration of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature where spiritual and physical world collide.

Sample a cup & learn the making of Luwak coffee at Bali Coffee Plantation

Dubbed because the priciest low within the world, Luwak coffee (also called civet coffee) has drawn interests from coffee aficionados around the world. Here you’ll be shown the traditional way of making coffee and all the fascinating facts. You will be given free sample a tasteful cup of Luwak coffee (guaranteed hygiene) plus 10 cups of different coffee varieties and teas.

Take a stroll around the Ubud royal palace (Puri Saren)

The palace was engineered by agency Tjokorda Putu Kandel, King of Ubud circa 1820 which initially functioned as government center. Today, Puri Saren serves as a repository for Balinese cultural legacy in art and literature to the benefit of local artists and historians a like.

Shop at Ubud Market and bring some souvenirs home

Right across Puri Saren (the Ubud Royal Palace), there is a traditional market laden with hand-made local products. The west side are full of tourists buying crafted souvenirs with relatively cheap price, while the east are more keen to locals buying groceries and household items. Slippers, picket statues, bags, garments and mats ar a number of the common stuffs that travelers often bring home. Bargaining is always recommended and our guide will definitely help you with that.

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